How to Define Your Game Marketing Strategy

Defined as a science of economic efficiency, the marketing – in general – is a complex and vast area that has plenty of aspects that you’ll need to take into consideration. Instead of learning everything and forgetting the most important aspects, we’re here to give you some insights into what all this means in order to have a successful marketing campaign for launching a computer game.

It’s also important to understand that you need to start thinking about this process right from the beginning when you start creating your computer game. There are certain aspects of the game creating and marketing, like the game design, the languages, the monetization and its location that are important, as all of these will influence your marketing strategy.

Product or Service
First of all, you need to decide whether you’ll have your game launched as a service or as a product, as the traditional model is represented by the product. However, if you want to self-publish it, you’ll need to consider it as a service, where you’ll iterate new releases along with building a loyal audience. It’s like having a subscription business and if you plan to do it this way, consider the whole thing just like a business – finding the most effective marketing channels for advertising your game and attracting more active players.

The Business Model
We’re talking about the business model of your game – some charge for the game, in its premium form, while others provide their games for free, only charging for the additional content. That last one is called freemium, and they can also charge for items found in-app. It’s important to decide from the start how you want to earn money from your game because later it’s harder or even impossible to change it.

The Targeted Audience
You need to have in mind who you build the game for – adults, kids, female or male. You might be open-minding about the game and consider that it is available and dedicated to everyone, but in time you’ll see that just some of them prefer to play your game. An early testing will tell you exactly who to target. If you know who your audience is, later you can direct your marketing campaigns, spending less money and having a greater impact.

Stores or Platforms
You also need to decide whether your game is destined for PC or for consoles, or if you want to have it build for tablets, mobile phones or other mobile devices. You’ll have lots of factors to take into consideration, but keep everything in mind when you take this decision. Some platforms are better for some games like the mobile devices are better for other games. Again, if you know your target audience, you’ll also know what they prefer to use more and for what.

Everything is important when you think about the marketing strategies of your game, so keep an open mind and use a professional marketer to help you with everything right from the start.